The program of the Bike+Walk Minnesota conference is broken down into different paths — Adventure + Economics, Design + Development, Art + Engagement, and Safe Routes to School + Community. Use the following key to help you plan your conference. You’ll find a full list of breakout sessions below by clicking on the + symbols.

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Breakout Session Schedule

Gil Penalosa is passionate about cities for all people. He advises decision makers and communities on how to create vibrant cities and healthy communities for everyone regardless of age, gender, and social, economic, or ethnic background. His focus is on the design and use of parks and streets as great public places, as well as sustainable mobility: walking, riding bicycles, using public transit, and new use of cars.

Adventure + Economics IconLeading the Way: How Regional Trails and Greenways Influence the Futures of Fergus Falls and Dakota County Communities
Panelists: Amy Baldwin, Lil Leatham, Gabrielle Grinde, and Jody Rader
This panel aims to provide multiple viewpoints to answer questions and spur discussion related to community design and the planning process, economic development, and bicycle advocacy surrounding trails and greenways. Additionally, a goal is to demonstrate the benefits and opportunities of leveraging bicycle/pedestrian investments and plans to directly influence future development and spark community support for connected places, active living, and walkable and accessible communities. The planning and design of the Glacial Edge Trail throughout Fergus Falls has served as a catalyst for multiple opportunity sites in the downtown and riverfront area and has been a main driver for the Downtown and Riverfront Master Plan. In Dakota County, a vision for a network of connected bicycle and pedestrian greenways provide linear recreation, non-motorized transportation, green corridors, and connected places, including schools, shopping centers, civic locations, and parks. The panelists will provide perspectives from the consultant designer and the agency implementer.
Keywords: Greenway, Connectivity, Trails, Interpretation, Master Planning, Collaboration

Design + Development IconMaintaining the Path for Walking and Bicycling
Panelists: Connor Cox, Shaun Lopez-Murphy, and Emily Smoak
High-quality maintenance of walkways and bikeways legitimizes that walking and bicycling are part of the transportation network. This image-rich presentation will highlight best practices for year-round maintenance from communities across Minnesota and the United States. Topics covered will include priority networks, snow and ice clearing, equipment, funding mechanisms, design, cost estimates, protected bikeways, accessibility requirements, and publicly funded maintenance.
Keywords: Maintenance, Winter, Bikeways, Walkways, Funding

Art + Engagement IconThe Art of Working Together: Engaging the Public in Art and Active Living
Panelists: Jason Lindahl, Danny McCullough, and Michele Molstead
In this session presenters will share 4 examples of challenges and joys in delivering art programming and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure to local communities. Within every community, the opportunity to collaborate exist. See how a bike share program, a city, and a regional park system have all worked together in creating vibrant active living experiences. The City of Hopkins is wrapping up construction of a significant corridor placemaking project called “The ARTery” which will make public art a central feature in an active living corridor that accommodates sidewalks and a cycle-track. Nice Ride Minnesota has collaborated with museums, neighborhood associations, and city government to connect people with art and art events around Minneapolis. Learn about opportunities and challenges discovered in the journey of these projects.
Keywords: Community Engagement, Collaboration, Partnerships

Safe Routes to School + Community IconBuilding Support for Biking and Walking Infrastructure in an Underserved Neighborhood in Duluth Presenter: Shawna Mullen
In a time when most local municipalities lack the capacity to conduct thorough community outreach, governments can take advantage of local community partners who have the resources to conduct this level of engagement and provide the cities with a clearer and more accurate picture of a community's vision for public projects. In Duluth, community advocates have taken on the role of soliciting inclusive, comprehensive community input early in public projects by organizing the community around the ideas of bikeable, walkable, livable neighborhoods through better street design.
Keywords: Bicycle Friendly Business, Workplace Wellness, Business-Advocate Partnership

Using a Rapid-Planning Process to Build Stakeholder Engagement Around Safe Routes to School/Addressing Challenges Implementing Safe Routes to School in Rural Communities
Panelists: Dave Cowan, Dan Edgerton, Colin Harris, Melissa Hoffmann, and Cindy Winters
Abstract coming soon.
Keywords: Safe, School, Students, Engagement, Equity

Adventure + Economics IconBicycle Friendly Business Community/Bike Commuting Counts: What We've Learned
Panelists: Shawna Mullen and Tony Spaay
Abstract coming soon.
Keywords: Bicycle Friendly Business, Workplace Wellness, Business-Advocate Partnership

Design + Development IconThe Power of Walkable Communities Workshops
Panelists: Ellen Pillsbury and Russell Habermann
Walking is a proven population-based public health strategy to increase physical activity and is a great way to get around. Learn how Minnesota Department of Health Walkable Community Workshop supports communities who strive to make it easier for more people to walk. Hear from a few communities who have used walkable community workshop and have successfully taken steps towards creating a more walkable environment.
Keywords: Walking, Local Planning, Community Engagement

Art + Engagement IconBuilding Better Communities Through Engagement and Experiences/Who Uses These Things Anyway?: A Data Analysis On Users of a Protected Bike Lane Demonstration Project in Duluth
Panelists: Erika Grace (EG) Nelson, James Gittemeier, Soren Jensen, Cindy Winters
Abstract coming soon.
Keywords: Equity, Data, Protected Bike Lane, Demonstration Project

Safe Routes to School + Community IconA Practical Guide to Discovering Inclusive Safe Routes to School
Presenter: Jo Anne Judge-Dietz and Michelle Kiefer
A panel of educated professionals will share a resource and offer tools to assist in making SRTS program available to all students. This panel will address an array of common barriers to full community inclusion and shine a light on the way that creative thinking, a helpful and inclusive attitude, and a little community support can maximize opportunity so that all students will be able to achieve physical fitness and independence in the community through participation in Safe Routes to School.
Keywords: Adaptive Cycling, Physical Disability, Equitable Communities

Partnerships Pay Off: How Minnesota Created a Statewide Safe Routes to School Program/Evaluating the Impact of Your Safe Routes to School Program
Presenter: Jennifer Pelletier
Abstract coming soon.
Keywords: Partnerships, Implementation, Advocacy, Social Network Analysis, Evaluation, Travel Mode, Safety, Policy

Cheri C. Wilson educates clinical and support staff in healthcare, health, behavioral health, human and social service organizations, public health, medical, and nursing students, K-12 students as well as community members. She has presented at national, state, and local conferences on the issues of cultural and linguistic competence, unconscious/implicit bias, overcoming language barriers, health and healthcare disparities, health equity, and the social determinants of health. The focus of her work is primarily upon the intersection between cultural competence, health and healthcare disparities, health equity and patient safety and healthcare quality. Ms. Wilson is particularly interested in health and healthcare disparities and health equity as they relate to racial/ethnic, language, and gender and sexual minorities and the provision of culturally competent patient-centered care in language understandable to all patients.

Adventure + Economics IconMeasuring the Impact of Complete Streets on Main Street/Planning for Complete Streets in Winona Panelists: Joanne Moze, Jessica Peterson, Shaun Lopez-Murphy, Luke Sims Abstract coming soon. Keywords: Complete Streets, Economics, Placemaking

Design + Development IconInteractive Workshop: This is how we roll: What Does MnDOT Pedestrian and Bicycle Staff Do?
Learn and hear from MnDOT staff on Pedestrian & Bicycle Counts, Safe Routes to School, Pedestrians & Bicycle Planning, Connections to Transit, and current research.
Panelists: Amber Dallman, Dave Cowan, Jake Rueter, Michael Petesch, Michelle Pooler, Liz Walton
Abstract coming soon.
Keywords: Ped, Bike, Transit, Statewide

Design + Development IconMobile Workshop: Let's go for a Walk! (How to Host a Walkable Community Workshop)
Panelists: Ellen Pillsbury, Kelly Corbin, Emily Smoak
An interactive session for participates to learn how to plan for and host a community walkability workshop that leads to local action planning. Attendees will be led on a walk and talk through how to strategically organize a walk, develop an invitation list and select a route that highlights a representative example of the communities built environment. The session format will provide an opportunity to practice leading a workshop and for peer-to-peer learning.
Keywords: Walking, Planning, Engagement

Design + Development IconSingletrack: Building Healthy Communities
Panelists: Jay Thompson, Reed Smidt, Matt Andrews
You don't always have to ride on the paved trails! Hundreds of miles of singletrack trails exist in 41 Minnesota Communities, supported by 11 independent nonprofit organizations. Learn about trails development from Parks staff by attending this "Singletrack: Building Healthy Communities" panel session.
Keywords: Singletrack, Trails, Mountain Biking

Art + Engagement IconPrioritizing the Human Condition/Helping Low-Income Residents Receiving County Aid Bike For Transportation
Panelists: Jenny Van Sickle and Jordan Kocak
Abstract coming soon.
Keywords: Equity, Safety, Value, Education, Employment, Health

Safe Routes to School + Community IconPeople, Plans and Pedals: Strategic Planning to Advance Safe Routes to School in Minneapolis/100 Days: How Planning Can Get Your Safe Routes to School Program Off on the Right Foot
Presenter: Colin Harris, Jenny Bordon, Russell Habermann
Abstract coming soon.
Keywords: Safe, School, Students, Engagement, Equity

Mobile Workshop: Neighborhoods Embracing Safe Routes to School
Presenter: Julie Hatch
Abstract coming soon.
Keywords: Neighborhood Associations, Safe Routes to School, Community Collaboration

Design + Development IconBuilding World-Class Bike/Ped Infrastructure: The Power of Public-Private Partnerships
Panelists: Soren Jensen, Matt Kazinka, Elizabeth Henley, Lisa Middag
Abstract coming soon.
Keywords: Collaboration, Partnerships, Planning

Design + Development IconPecha Kucha Presentations
Presenters: Steven Malikowski, Michele Molstad, Greta Alquist, Shawna Mullen, Kim Edens
Abstract coming soon.
Keywords: Collaboration, Partnerships, Planning

Art + Engagement IconFrom Streetfights to Understanding: A How-To Workshop on Using Communications to Shift the Dialogue about Bike Lanes and Improve Inclusive Community Engagement
Panelists: Catherine Malmberg, Kimberly Richards
Using a case study of a highly controversial bike lane installation in South Minneapolis in the fall of 2017, this session will engage participants in an interactive exercise to learn about more effective messaging and communications strategies to engage diverse communities and build support for public realm infrastructure that enhances safety and attractiveness of biking and walking in Minnesota.
Keywords: Bike Lanes, Safe Street Design, Communications, Community, Inclusiveness

Safe Routes to School + Community IconCommunity Active Living/SRTS 101
Presenter: Dave Cowan, Kelly Corbin
Abstract coming soon.
Keywords: Safe Routes to School, Basics, Intro, Beginner

One Size Does Not Fit All: Active Transportation in Small Town and Rural Communities
Presenter: Rose Ryan
Abstract coming soon.
Keywords: Rural, Small Town, Planning, Design

Design + Development IconPedestrian Crossing Engineering Countermeasures
Presenters: Melissa Barnes, Mackenzie Turner-Bargen, Tony Drollinger
This presentation will discuss how to prioritize pedestrian crossings without relying on the "squeaky wheel" approach, what types of crossing infrastructure is effective at uncontrolled locations, and what incremental changes can be made to traffic signals to make them work better for people crossing the road.
Keywords: Pedestrian, Crossings, Engineering

Design + Development IconInteractive Mixer
Presenters: Amanda Lovelee, CJ Lindor, Greta Alquist, Connor Cox, and Dave Cowan
Abstract coming soon.
Keywords: TBD

Art + Engagement IconArt4Trails: Public Art on Trails for a Healthy Community
Presenter: Barbara Beck
The Art4Trails initiative in Rochester shows how a group of committed community members has created a program that brings together the local arts community, the cycling community, the city Parks and Recreation department, and several other community organizations to commission the creation and display of public art in locations on the trails easily accessible to all by foot or bike.
Keywords: Art, Trails, Community Engagement, Livability, Placemaking

Art + Engagement IconPutting People at the Center of State and Local Advocacy
Presenter: Emma Pachuta, Jennifer Harmening
How can a focus on personal stories and shared values humanize and advance active transportation issues across the state? Presenters Emma Pachuta, Director of Programs, and Jennifer Harmening Thiede, Director of Advancement, will share their experiences using case studies from their recent work at Minnesota's largest transportation advocacy nonprofit.
Keywords: Advocacy, Community Engagement, Storytelling

Art + Engagement IconMobile Workshop: Traffic Garden, a Creative Concept to Improve Bicycle Safety
Presenter: Julie Hatch
Using two tennis courts and turning them into a streets-cape complete with crosswalks, multi-lane roads, a roundabout, and more. Learn about the project taking place in Rochester that will create a place where kids and adults can practice safe riding skills in a realistic environment away from the dangers posed by other road users.
Keywords: Traffic Garden, Bicycle Playground, Bicycle Safety, Education

Safe Routes to School + Community IconBenefits of a Bike Fleet: Teaching Them Young to Bike Safely
Presenter: Kelly Corbin, Michelle Kiefer, Josh Ramaker
Abstract coming soon.
Keywords: Youth, Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety, Schools

Adventure + Economics IconUS Bicycle Routes in our Backyard
Panelists: Kerri Kolstad, Liz Walton, Jay Arrowsmith DeCoux + 1
Our panel discussion will be a look at designated bicycle routes and how they impact communities. From a small town bike path, to a designated US Bicycle Route, all routes bring money and vitality to the communities they touch for all ages.
Keywords: Adventure, History, Education, Fun

Design + Development IconFinding Your Way While Lost in Local Planning
Panelists: Ellen Pillsbury, Kelly Corbin, Emily Smoak, Mary Marrow
This interactive session will provide an opportunity to examine new resources from MN Walks and connect with others on local community planning efforts. Additionally, attendees will discuss how to use resources and strategically plan to effectively support local efforts and meet a community where it is with plan implementation.
Keywords: Local Planning, Implementation, Walking and Bicycling Infrastructure

Design + Development IconMobile Workshop: Ground Truthing the DMC City Loop: Getting The Details Right
Presenter: Robert Kost
This mobile workshop will review the purpose, need and design concepts prioritizing active transportation as a primary means of daily, routine movement through the City's DMC Development Districts. As a parallel set of pedestrian and bicycle pathways, integrating the City Loop into the existing built environment as well as planning for ongoing and long-range redevelopment poses a variety of design challenges.
Keywords: Design, Walking and Biking Loop

Design + Development IconAASHTO Design Guide for Bikes: A Renewed Focus on Users of All Ages and Abilities
Presenter: KC Atkins
KC will share highlights from the forthcoming 5th edition of the AASHTO Bike Design Guide including the latest guidance for developing separated bike lanes, bike boulevards, and complex intersections. KC will also share best practices and lessons learned from the City of Saint Paul's award-winning Jackson Street redesign that included a protected bikeway and protected intersections.
Keywords: AASHTO, Bikeways, Design, Users

Art + Engagement IconArt Found By Bike
Presenter: Dana Sikkila
This presentation would be lead with a powerpoint featuring photos and videos from the three tours. Discussing and showing how the project has changed and developed. How it started as a unsure idea and progressed into a state wide bicycle tour, connecting a volunteer managed art space in Mankato to artists, curators, bikers, and bike advocates.
Keywords: Biking, Touring, Art, Rural Minnesota

Safe Routes to School + Community IconHow We Hit the Ground Walking (and Biking!) in Greater Minnesota
Panelists: Natalie Gille, Amber Hughes, Barbara Navara
Abstract coming soon.
Keywords: Rural, Active Transportation, Collaboration, Public Health

Adventure + Economics IconHow Mountain Biking is Transforming Rural Communities
Panelists: Tom Moran, Peter Spencer, Linda Jurek Kratt
Mountain biking infrastructure and events can provide tourism dollars and a range of other benefits to rural communities. The panelists will talk about their success in securing investment, building infrastructure and bringing tourism to rural communities throughout MN and the US. The presenters and panelists will include representatives from the IRRRB, the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew and the Leadville Race Series/Lutsen 99er MTB race.
Keywords: Rural, Economics, Events, Communities, Adventure

Design + Development IconWe All Count: Collaboratively Collecting Bicycle and Pedestrian Information to Enable Data-Driven Decisions
Panelists: Darin Newman, Michael Petesch, Andrew Oftedal, Kelly Corbin, Tasha Ray
The Minnesota Departments of Transportation (MnDOT), Health (MDH) and Natural Resources (DNR) have distinct purposes and goals, but are joined together in their common pursuit of building healthy and resilient communities where people are able to safely and conveniently bike and walk to where they need to go. Individually, these three agencies have embarked on separate efforts to collect bicycle and pedestrian data to inform their own measures and objectives. Collectively, and in partnership with locals and non-profit groups like the Parks and Trails Council of Minnesota, they have leveraged each other’s resources and have begun to understand the needs of people walking and biking and what it will take to make it easier for everyone to do so. The results of this cooperative learning will help inform policies and plans at all levels. This panel discussion will cover setting up count programs, counting methods, successes and challenges, using data to tell compelling stories, and resources for implementing your own data collection initiatives.
Keywords: Partnership, Monitor Traffic, Data Driven

Safe Routes to School + Community IconActive Living for All: Advancing Goals of Equity and Walking and Biking
Presenter: Jill Chamberlain and Maren Webb
Advancing walking and biking alone is not enough. We must broaden how we approach community engagement and understand the myriad nuances of equity. Join us to hear about 8 initiatives in Minnesota that have integrated equity into their goals and operation to advance lasting change.
Keywords: Active Community, Partnership, Equity