Conference Tracks

While our final program and agenda won’t be posted until next week, the following breakdown of the different paths — Adventure + Economics, Design + Development, Art + Engagement, and Safe Routes to School + Community — should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Adventure + Economics Program Track

Minnesota is full of bike+walk adventures and events that have huge economic benefits as a result of strengthening health, social connections, and business. They take people across town and all over the state. Inspiring stories of adventure and how these active trips are fueling our MN livelihood.

These sessions will:

  • Demonstrate the power of rural, suburban, and urban bike+walk communities in creating thriving downtowns, vibrant main streets and dynamic economies of all shape and sizes.
  • Explore Minnesota-specific adventures by bike and on foot.
  • Share community benefits of the bike+walk movement to economic strength and stability for elected officials.
  • Demonstrate how bike+walk communities create new development and opportunities for growth.

Design + Development Program Track

Best practices in bike and walk design are evolving rapidly. Local context always matters. Development for bike and walk facilities means creating access to affordable housing. Bike lanes should not just be “white lanes;” how is your community creating safe access to active transportation for children, seniors, persons of color, immigrants, and low-income members? Non-inclusive transportation policies have contributed to racial injustice and community segregation historically. Speakers will discuss their knowledge and experience in addressing racial and socio-economic inequities.

These sessions will:

  • Demonstrate programs, policies, and techniques available to promote safe, accessible and available active transportation and smart placemaking that works for varied populations in a community.
  • Share examples of successful and creative partnerships and collaborations to achieve shared community objectives.
  • Explore how connecting affordable transportation to affordable housing creates a stronger community and/or reduces gentrification.
  • Provide techniques and training on ways to engage new partners and develop collaborations.

Art + Engagement Program Track

Vital and vibrant communities are places where art thrives. The word engagement has become a buzzword, yet getting it right remains both an enigma and the key to better bike+walk places. The use of art, music, technology and creative problem-solving have all become valuable resources to the bike+walk movement. True engagement is filling the deep gaps between what some think and everyone needs.

These sessions will:

  • Provide tools, technology, and techniques that have helped art to move the bike+walk movement forward.
  • Share success stories of out of the box thinking and techniques that have brought people together and informed projects that transform communities.
  • Demonstrate how creativity, art, and other place elements can help promote healthy communities.

Safe Routes to School + Community Program Track

SRTS as a movement has taken Minnesota by storm. From our biggest cities to our smallest towns and from multi-faceted plans to poster contests, SRTS is transforming Minnesota communities many ways big and small… well, beyond simply serving just some kids and some schools.

These sessions will:

  • Demonstrate the power of SRTS at the community level
  • Showcase how being effective in all 6 Es goes further than the sum of the parts
  • Sharing success stories in partnerships with law enforcement on SRTS and active living efforts in Minnesota.
  • Provide the latest in innovative tools that are making it easier for parents, volunteers, and community members to take SRTS from movement to mainstream.